Flex Lawyers are specialists in various branches of law. But first and foremost, we are a legal partner for entrepreneurs, large and small. We are both your proactive legal advisor and your representative in court.

Acquisitions (M&A)

Takeover Guidance
Whether you want to acquire or dispose of a business by transferring the assets (asset deal) or the shares (share deal): we work with you from the initial contacts with a potential buyer or seller until the closure of the deal. We create, revise and negotiate watertight contracts throughout the process: NDA (non-disclosure agreement), LOI (letter of intent), SPA (share purchase agreement), Closing Memorandum, etc. We also perform seamless due diligence. This is always in consultation with your own accountant, financial advisor and the financial advisors or auditors we work with.

Due Diligence
Vendor Due Diligence is a must when you are seeking to sell a business. We archive all of your company’s information and documents in a secure digital data room. A comprehensive list, depending on your company’s specific activities. This way we can conduct a full screening of your company and detect possible legal risks. You will then receive a comprehensive Vendor Due Diligence Report, which we will use to work together to get your business ready for sale. This way, you and your potential buyer avoid unpleasant surprises. Thorough vendor due diligence also drastically reduces the chances that the price will be negotiated down.